Ok, can we please talk about that picture of John and Joss on page 6 at The bottom?!?! THAT is NEW! Joss touched John’s…

You mean this one? Yes, it looks like a pic taken during one the multiple takes of filming of this scene in SE309? It is very small in the magazine.

I just can’t……💔💔💔

S3, Joss Carter Moments by Episode, SE302, Nothing To Hide

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What a wonderful set of gifs. Thank you!!!

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Don’t worry about me my tumblr ladies…i’m fine…

i’m just not in the mood for POI right now that’s why i will stay away from tumblr for some time now!!!


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Good Morning! I really woke up like this after I removed my silk bonnet.

Beautiful Lady

(from Taraji’s instagram)

So why did they kill her off again?

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Taraji’s Instagram 7/10/14


Taraji’s Instagram 7/10/14

Taraji & Jim having some laughs at NYCC 2013 

Their last public POI event

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This makes me smile 😍😊😍

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::John Reese::
~The man always stands out when he's walking in the streets~

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S3, Joss Carter Moments by Episode, SE301, Liberty

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Reese on Fire…lol

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Anonymous said: As season 4 of Person of Interest begins, do you think Joss Carter would have died if they had cast a white woman as Joss Carter?

I guess she would be still alive!


"Person of Interest" - Rewatch: S01E09 “Get Carter”
"Some people the world can’t afford to lose."
God i miss her and my “old” POI sooooo much…

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::John Reese | Drinking::

Mesmerizing…very mesmerizing!!!

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This is what I miss most-scenes like this with subtle banter. Not corny one liners.

#Bad Code

I miss them having a well written, sane female on the show.

At this point the cast behaves like they are on The Island of Misfit Toys and it is not fun to watch the show anymore.

"You changed my mind, Joss.
You changed me."

This is post number 3000 for me…i thought this post needed something special and i think i have found THAT special something..lol

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